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Pioneering green hydrogen energy solutions

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe: It is a key part of the global transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions

Why Hydrogen?

Green hydrogen offers several significant advantages, complimenting established renewable technologies. At Protium we can harness its potential, providing essential complimentary technology for organisations looking to achieve their Net Zero Carbon Goals.

The UK government believes that hydrogen will provide between 20% - 35% of total final energy consumed by 2050.
Over 50GW of Green Hydrogen electrolysis projects announced globally in 2020
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We are a full value chain green hydrogen energy solutions provider. We develop, own and operate renewables and green hydrogen infrastructure, to deliver dedicated zero emission energy services to our customers.

Our Services

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We help clients to identify, design and secure access to the optimum mix of energy solutions. Our aim is to use green hydrogen, in tandem with other solutions such as batteries, energy efficiency and digital tools, to allow businesses to move towards truly net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Achieve net zero emissions

Protium’s ambition is to develop 1GW of green hydrogen production assets in the UK by 2030, 20% of the government target.


We operate across the UK with a number of projects in active delivery, creating a distributed network to support others, whilst we increasingly look at international opportunities too.

Over 500MW

Our current project pipeline will support the development of over 500MW of new renewable resources by 2025, rising to at least 1GW by 2030.

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