Will Stinton – Director of Asset Management

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Will is responsible for Protium’s asset management and operational functions, building the mechanics that underpin Protium’s operational assets. This includes the Pioneer hydrogen production facilities and renewable energy assets that have the fundamental aim of making green hydrogen ever more affordable.


Will’s daily responsibilities are multifaceted covering:

  • Asset management team leadership: While small currently, the team will grow to include multiple operational sites and plant managers – as well as project roles that will help to make the near opportunities real. The broad reach of this critical business function means that Will needs to bring together a wide range of teams and skill sets (covering project management, engineering, digital, legal, and communications) to better understand and develop value as well as deal with arising issues.
  • Operational here and now: Ensuring the seamless operation of the Pioneer 1 facility, operational since March 2023, Will manages the supply of gas and contractor relationships, oversees service agreements to optimise uptime, as well as managing stakeholders. His focus is also on laying the groundwork for Pioneer 2, planned for Q4 2024, by looking at how best to support the equipment through its lifetime and identify maintenance partners and digital system providers.
  • Hydrogen sales: Will’s role nurtures relationships with long-term customers while building a future pipeline.


Will translates Protium’s vision and strategy into workable operational plans. In delivering this, he is focused on building a team of people with the right skill sets and training alongside developing the right processes and procedures to safely operate Protium’s assets.

His planning dovetails with the work carried out on the ground. Where the operations manager will manage the most efficient time to produce hydrogen, Will ensures high equipment availability to deliver this through data-driven strategies and predictive maintenance.

The hydrogen sales function is not simply about selling gas. It’s about understanding how Protium delivers hydrogen as a service today given market immaturity. Will’s role covers work navigating this landscape, identifying routes for hydrogen as a viable energy solution and initiating service models from deployable refuelling options through to working with partners on future service stations. This work is setting the foundations for wider industry application.


The theme of sustainability runs through Will’s career from a research and data-driven BSc in Geography, majoring in climate and sea level change, through to seeking purpose-driven projects as a Consultant for Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where he took on responsibility for BCG’s global net-zero transformation. His early military career brought skills and experience in building and leading teams alongside quick assimilation of facts and getting things done.


Will is a family man and enjoys a wide range of interests including travelling, wildlife and conservation. He is also a keen sportsman enjoying rugby, rowing, surfing, and skiing.

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