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Why Hydrogen?

The green solution to the end of fossil fuels

As pioneers in the UK hydrogen sector, our mission is to end fossil fuel use by utilising green hydrogen.

At Protium we can harness its potential, providing essential complimentary technology for organisations looking to achieve their Net Zero Carbon Goals.

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Why now?

In the race to reach Net Zero and tackle climate change, hydrogen is our most abundant element. Being the most abundant element in the universe, it is a key component in the global transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

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Did you know?

Hydrogen was first discovered by Henry Cavendish in 1783, and has been produced from electrolysis (the splitting of water, using electricity) since 1888.

Net zero

Getting to net zero emissions is hard

Our energy system is complex, involves multiple different stakeholders and requires flexible, reliable and affordable technologies. In the last decade the world has made enormous progress in delivering new zero emission ways of producing electricity. Indeed, new Solar PV and Wind projects produce power at a lower cost than any conventional alternative.

Electricity is only a small part of the story. In the UK today, over 80% of energy is consumed as a fuel for transportation, heat and industrial processes, with less than 20% of energy consumed as electricity. What we can help address this challenge by converting cheap, but intermittent renewable electricity, into green hydrogen fuel which can be stored and distributed for use across multiple sectors.


Benefits of Hydrogen




It can be stored (sometimes indefinitely) at low costs.




It can be transported over significant distances.




It can provide resiliency for extreme events or for critical processes.




It can be used for multiple energy requirements including heating, mobility and power.


Next Steps

Looking to decarbonise your company’s operations?

We can help you to achieve your sustainability targets and transition you for a low carbon future by designing green hydrogen infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with your operation structure and commercial requirements.

Start your transition to net zero
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