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Now is the time for Green Energy

The sustainable energy company

What We Do

We help our clients to achieve their sustainability targets by transitioning them to a low carbon future. We design green hydrogen infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with our clients operations, their structure and commercial requirements. Through supporting our clients to decarbonise their greenhouse gas emissions, we are working to deliver a better environment for local communities, businesses and the environment.


Transforming energy services with hydrogen

What is HESCO™

At Protium, we are a pragmatic, economic and solution-based energy services company with a difference. Using Green Hydrogen we can unlock green energy solutions that are tailored to our client needs. As we build our network of distributed energy services across the UK and the world, the network becomes stronger and the value of offering grows. Our model is unique and is transforming the way we can provide future-proof technology and deliver for our clients.

We call this HESCO™.


Sustainable Development Goals


We see our role as a sustainable energy company, and that green hydrogen will play a crucial role in supporting the delivery and objectives of United Nations Development Programme’s SDG 7 and SDG 9.

Goal 7

Affordable and clean energy

We are committed to materially increasing the share of renewable energy in total final energy consumption across industries and consumers.

We work to increase access to green hydrogen energy services in locations and areas that do not have access to reliable, affordable and zero emission energy solutions.

Read more at UNDP.ORG

Goal 9

Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

We are committed to supporting consumer facing manufacturers to transition to zero emission solutions, through retrofitting existing systems to run on zero emission hydrogen and deploying new technologies where needed.

We focus on building resilient, sustainable infrastructure, that supports broader decarbonisation and sustainability objectives for businesses and communities where we operate.

Read more at UNDP.ORG
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