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We provide an end-to-end sustainable energy solution using Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen Energy Services Company


As a client-demand driven Net Zero energy company, we know that green hydrogen will play a crucial role in achieving Net Zero. We specifically focus across three core verticals; green aviation, consumer facing industrials, and commercial transport.

We provide end-to-end sustainable energy solutions by designing, developing, financing, owning and operating green hydrogen infrastructure.

Supporting decarbonisation of heat, power and transportation, these assets provide green hydrogen and other Net Zero energy services to our clients, under long term contracts.

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Consumer facing manufacturers will not be able to achieve zero emission operations before 2030, and in many cases before 2035 if they rely on utilities.

Decarbonising heat is at the core of the net zero challenge and is the focus of increasing policy efforts. Across government, finance, industry and academia the message is clear that carbon pricing, climate taxes and investor pressure will increasingly align to ensure that business as usual becomes the most expensive alternative to transitioning to net zero.

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Hydrogen mobility is essential for Net Zero transport. From 2030 all new petrol and diesel passenger, light duty and taxi vehicle sales will be banned, with HGVs also facing a fossil fuel ban from 2040.

Protium has agreements with leading FCEV OEMs and current operators of HGV refuelling systems (hydrogen & CNG) to lead deployment in the UK.

We intend to exploit lessons learned from aviation refuelling challenges to support future proofed and multi- modal refuelling infrastructure. We are also exploring opportunities in rail and marine.

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Protium works with various technology and solution providers, who alongside Protium are capable of providing a wide-array of zero emission power generation technologies. These solutions can vary in scale from low kW to multi-MW applications, with a focus on off grid solutions and those with a system resiliency focus.

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