Protium Partners with University of South Wales in UK’s Largest Integrated Enapter Electrolyser Project

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Protium is pleased to announce its partnership with the University of South Wales (USW) – Project Pioneer – to deploy its first c.100kW electrolyser, the UK’s largest integrated Enapter Electrolyser in the field. The electrolyser will allow for the production of 40 kg/d hydrogen without emitting greenhouse gases, and marks a significant milestone in creating scale in the UK’s green hydrogen infrastructure.

Protium and USW’s partnership highlights the critical role green hydrogen can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from industry, particularly high-emitting sectors where electrification is not an option. It also aims to show the ways in which the private sector can help lead the charge in hastening the transition to green energy.

Project Pioneer will use an Electrolyser, sourced from Enapter, the design and manufacturing brand responsible for the first scalable hydrogen AEM electrolyser, to generate electrolytic hydrogen at scale. The electrolyser is currently being installed at USW’s Hydrogen Centre at Baglan in South Wales, demonstrating Protium’s commitment to supporting green investment in the region, and follows the company’s opening of its Cardiff office last year. It forms part of Protium’s vision to help move the country closer to its net zero targets by helping decarbonise different elements of industry, transport, and infrastructure.

The project underscores USW’s commitment to deliver on its carbon strategy and become carbon neutral by 2040. USW is on track to deliver on is ambitious sustainable goals so far, having achieved a 29% reduction in energy emissions since the implementation of its strategy in 2020.

Hosting the development of Protium’s electrolyser at the USW Hydrogen Centre is part of a concerted effort to escalate the deployment of clean hydrogen technology. The University’s Hydrogen Centre has been at the forefront of research and development of hydrogen technologies over the past two decades. This has included the deployment of hydrogen technologies for decarbonisation of industry, transport and the energy sector – always working closely with industrial partners in Wales, the UK and internationally.

With design and construction of the USW electrolyser site already well underway, the installation is set to be completed later this year.

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