Protium partners with Hydrogen Technologies Inc to bring revolutionary hydrogen technology to UK market through sister company Deuterium

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  • The unique Hydrogen Dynamic Combustion Chamber, the first of its kind in the UK, generates high temperature steam and hot water, with no smokestack and without emitting greenhouse gasses
  • Partnership will allow Hydrogen Technologies Inc to expand their geographical footprint across Europe, while offering a unique heating technology for decarbonisation of heat solutions
  • Deuterium will initially focus on identifying market participants to manufacture and assemble the system, with partner Protium identifying and working to develop the first commercial scale pilot site in UK

Protium, the UK-based green hydrogen project developer, is proud to announce another significant milestone in its activities to support the decarbonisation of heating for small to mid-sized industrial energy consumers based across the UK and Ireland.

Protium’s sister company, Deuterium, was launched this year to develop and commercialise new hydrogen technologies and has signed an exclusive IP licensing agreement with US-based Hydrogen Technologies Inc (HTI). The agreement aims to commercialise their unique Hydrogen Dynamic Combustion Chamber (DCC™), being the first project of its kind in the UK.

The DCC™ burns hydrogen and oxygen in a partial vacuum to create heat and steam. These can then be used for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications, or to generate emission-free electricity, with the only by-product of the process being clean water. Deuterium acquired the licensing rights for this technology from the Californian company Hydrogen Technologies Inc in May of this year.

Once deployed and operational, the solution will significantly support the decarbonisation of heating for properties in the UK, by providing a zero emission, low water usage heating system capable of displacing the use of fossil fuels for end-users. Protium, is already in discussions with several major UK industrial manufacturers to investigate viability of blending hydrogen and natural gas solutions to delay emissions and accelerate their net zero trajectory.

Decarbonisation of heat is essential for the UK to achieve its ambition of Net Zero emissions. The UK government has stated, in its 2018 Industrial Fuel Switching report, that hydrogen has the greatest technical potential to achieve decarbonisation of the UK’s industrial heat demand. Of 180TWh of industrial heat demand, hydrogen could provide 90TWh, almost double the maximum potential of electricity and 40% more than bioenergy. However deploying green hydrogen and hydrogen thermal systems into industrial systems is crucial. Indeed, in its 2020 Net Zero report the Food & Drink Federation explicitly refenced the DCC solution as an available boiler technology that could support decarbonisation. Deuterium thus seeks to support efforts from government and industry to eliminate fossil fuels in the energy system.

Chris Jackson, Founder and CEO of Protium, and Director of Deuterium comments:

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with HTI and the establishment of Deuterium. As one of the Solar Impulse Foundation’s ‘1000 solutions to change the world’, HTI’s DCC™ will provide a unique decarbonisation solution for UK businesses, and Protium is delighted to offer it exclusively to UK operators.

The decarbonisation of heat is one of the greatest challenges facing the UK as it transitions to net zero. As identified by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, finding boiler solutions that can be deployed with lower CO2, NOx and CO emissions than existing technologies is crucial. Hydrogen has the potential to provide a zero-emission fuel for 91TWh of industrial heat demand.”

Janet Reiser, CEO of Hydrogen Technologies Inc (HTI) comments:

“We are thrilled to be working with Protium and Deuterium to expand the availability of our world-leading technology. Through the combination of HTI’s expertise in hydrogen boiler technology and Protium’s knowledge of the UK market, we are able to offer a really unique method for helping British businesses to achieve zero emission steam; for heat and indeed for CHP applications.”

About Protium

Protium is a UK-based hydrogen solutions provider for project operators, developers and investors. Founded in 2019, the company provides services including project origination, design and funding to support the deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

About Deuterium

Deuterium Heating Ltd. is a UK based company established in 2020, to develop and commercialise new hydrogen technologies in the UK. It is currently focused on identifying and securing the first commercial pilot site for the pioneering DCC™ system. Over time Deuterium will support the commercialisation of other hydrogen technologies as needed to support the development activities of Protium.

About Hydrogen Technologies Inc

Hydrogen Technologies Inc has patented a revolutionary method for burning hydrogen and oxygen in a vacuum chamber to create heat and water with no greenhouse gases. The company was founded in Stockton, California where it has deployed its first pilot system. In 2020 it was listed by the Solar Impulse Foundation as one of the 1000 solutions to change the world.

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