Protium appoints local Islay man as Hub Manager for the island

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Green hydrogen company Protium is delighted to announce the appointment of AJ Cunningham as the new Hub Manager, reinforcing its commitment to the Scottish region and the advancement of green hydrogen technology. This technology is critical to Islay given the ambition for the island to be fully carbon neutral by 2040 and contending with an aging grid connection.

AJ will play a pivotal role in liaising with Islay’s distilleries sector, as well as the broader community. His work will be instrumental in developing comprehensive strategies that not only benefit Protium’s clients but also encourage other businesses to embrace green hydrogen solutions.  He brings considerable experience from the sector, with a global professional footprint delivering manufacturing and supply chain business improvements for over 25-years, more recently working as the Operations Manager for Bruichladdich and a Performance Improvement Lead for Diageo plc.

His appointment was based on both his extensive experience and his deep roots in Islay which give him a unique perspective on the environmental and economic landscape of the island. He is husband to Tina, a local midwife, a father of two school-going children, and actively involved as a SFA Youth Football Coach and Volunteer Coastguard Rescue Officer.

AJ Cunningham shared his enthusiasm: “I’m really excited by the opportunity as it introduces real present-day solutions to decarbonise the heat, power and transport emissions produced by industry in and around Islay.  Protium has a proven track record of delivering green hydrogen solutions to industry and transport, and it is investing in a green hydrogen future for Islay – which is great for the island and islanders.”

Said Kim McCracken, Protium’s Head of Business Development “It’s fantastic to have AJ onboard. We have been working with AJ through our client Bruichladdich and he has been integral to the progress made. We’re excited about seeing the Islay Project drive decarbonisation for both the island and the whisky sector in Scotland. Islay is a spectacular place with a community steeped in knowledge and ambition – this is a huge part of why this is the right location for this flagship project.”

Protium is driving The Islay Project, working with Bruichladdich and other distillers on the island, to decarbonise their distillation processes using hydrogen. This initiative aims to demonstrate the feasibility of green hydrogen to reduce emissions while maintaining operational excellence. This community-centric approach ensures that, while striving for innovation, the cultural and social fabric of Islay remains respected and integrated into the path forward.

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