Pioneering green hydrogen projects

Protium is committed to helping organisations, operating within industry and transport, to transition to clean energy both in the UK and across Europe.
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Our projects

Pioneer 1

Protium's first hydrogen operational facility

Pioneer 1, Protium’s first hydrogen production facility, and the first phase of an ambitious roadmap to support industry & transport with green hydrogen

It’s one of just a handful of operational green hydrogen assets in the UK. The partnership with University of South Wales, announced in 2022, deployed Protium’s first 100kW electrolyser at the University’s Hydrogen Centre in Baglan, Neath Port Talbot.

Operational since March 2023, Pioneer 1 is based in South Wales where it is already powering bus trials, stationary refueling and off grid power for customers as well as events. As a fully-fledged operation, Pioneer One will produce enough green hydrogen to displace up to 111 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year – the equivalent of planting 4,440 trees.

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Pioneer 2

Supporting future Protium’s transportation projects and local industry

Pioneer 2 will be based in South Wales, servicing transport and stationery power applications.

Protium’s largest hydrogen production site to date, infrastructure includes a 2.5MW containerised NEL PEM Electrolyser coupled with a Haskel compression package that delivers up to 900kg of ultra-pure hydrogen per day. The commercial operation date is planned for Q4 2024.

Pioneer 2 will support several projects including supplying hydrogen into HyHAUL for fuel cell HGV applications, and delivering the first hydrogen for aviation trials as part of Project HEART


HyHAUL Project


Protium and its partners have been successful in applying for more than £30m from the Department for Transport and Innovate UK to launch the Hydrogen Aggregated UK Logistics (HyHAUL) project.

This aims to help kickstart the decarbonisation of the UK’s heavy goods vehicle (HGV) fleet.

As part of the UK Government’s zero emissions HGV and infrastructure demonstrator programme, HyHAUL will roll out 30 hydrogen fuel cell HGVs to haulage operators primarily operating along the M4 corridor by 2026, with further ambition to deploy 300 vehicles by 2030.

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Samlesbury Net Zero

Supporting Budweiser Brewing Group’s Samlesbury brewery to net zero

Protium is working with AB inBev to develop an integrated green Hydrogen Production Facility at its iconic Samlesbury brewery to achieve net-zero emissions. The project will displace the natural gas used in the brewery’s hot water boilers and the diesel used for the brewery’s HGV fleet

This facility will be a small extension to the brewery with big benefits. It will help the brewery achieve a dramatic cut to its carbon emissions by using green hydrogen as a replacement for the natural gas currently used to power the brewery’s boilers and the diesel used by its heavy goods vehicles.

Once fully operational, Samlesbury Net Zero will save up to 11,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. This is the same as taking 5,800 cars off the road or planting 440,000 trees.

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Hartwood Net Zero

Harnessing wind technology for green projects

Located in North Lanarkshire, Hartwood Net Zero project is a seven-turbine wind farm poised to harness wind energy for renewable power, removing over 38,500 tonnes of CO₂ emissions yearly.

Protium purchased Hartwood Windfarm site from ABO Wind, which initially obtained planning permission in 2017 and, following ground investigation works, Protium expects to commence construction in 2024.

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Project HEART


Project HEART (Hydrogen Electric and Automated Regional Transportation) is a collaborative R&D project, part funded by the UK Research & Innovation Future Flight Challenge, which aims to advance hydrogen aviation through developing hydrogen infrastructure capable of safely refueling hydrogen aircraft.

Led by Protium, the project sees market leading partners including   Haskel, the UK’s leading manufacturer of hydrogen compression systems; and Nel Hydrogen, the hydrogen generation and distribution specialist on the project.

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Magor Net Zero

Expected to be the first large-scale hydrogen generation system at a brewery

Magor is expected to be the first large-scale hydrogen generation system at a brewery and will help to provide zero carbon power and fuel for all the brewery’s operations – an important step for it to become carbon neutral. The green hydrogen produced will fuel the brewery’s production and its key logistics assets including Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and forklift trucks.

Once completed, the Magor Net Zero project is expected to produce more than 20MW of renewable energy and green hydrogen Once fully operational – scheduled to be by 2027 – it will save approximately 15,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, the equivalent of removing around 3,300 cars from UK roads. Click to read more about Magor Net Zero.

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