How Can Green Hydrogen Decarbonise the Food and Drinks Industry?

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In these turbulent times, tackling the energy crisis, to inflation and interest rates – sustainability initiatives are in danger of being deprioritised by the Government. It is vital that decarbonisation remains a top priority. Investing in home-grown renewable and green hydrogen infrastructure is critical, now more than ever, to ensure we build a more self-sufficient, greener future that keeps us on track to meet our climate targets.

On 18th October, Protium, one of the UK’s leading green energy companies, brought together leaders and partners across business and government to discuss the transformative role that green hydrogen can play in reducing the climate impact of the food and drinks industry, a sector which accounts for a third of global emissions. Hosted in London’s Camden Town Brewery, the event celebrated Protium’s partnership with Budweiser Brewing Group to decarbonise Budweiser Brewing Group’s Magor Brewery, in South Wales.

The event offered a unique opportunity for visitors to observe the latest green hydrogen technologies first-hand, highlighting the huge potential to decarbonise industries and help the Government meet its critical climate targets. The exhibition space included Electra’s 19t fuel cell truck, a hydrogen BBQ, and music by local pop band KAWALA, whose set was entirely powered by green hydrogen created by Protium’s electrolyser in South Wales – one of the largest live performances in the UK to be fuelled by green hydrogen.

We were delighted to be joined by Bill Esterson, Shadow Business and Industry Minister, who highlighted the importance of green hydrogen in the UK’s future:

“The renewable supply of energy is an opportunity to give us energy security which has become more important than ever, but also to give us jobs and prosperity, lower our bills, and reset our economy.

“New technologies including the production of green hydrogen are a fantastic opportunity domestically, but they’re also a fantastic chance for exports. This is the future, this is where the UK becomes world-leading, truly world-leading, in decarbonising.”

Protium’s pioneering collaboration with Budweiser Brewing Group to supply the Magor Brewery with 100% green hydrogen solutions by 2026 is paving the path towards a greener future in the brewing industry. The project also illustrates the urgent progress needed within the sector to create clear paths to greener energy sources and help the UK meet its net zero targets.

With an ambitious goal to remove 1 million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2030 – equivalent to planting 40 million trees per year or removing 580,000 cars off the road – Protium is delivering green hydrogen solutions for businesses to achieve a clean energy sector transformation.

Chris Jackson, CEO of Protium, said:

“The Magor Project is one of the world’s most exciting and unique projects as this will make the UK’s largest brewery – producing a billion pints every single year – net zero by 2026. Working with our partners at Budweiser Brewing Group, we want to make sure that the only things needed to produce the beer that we drink are sun, wind, and water.

“We are facing the greatest climate challenge and, arguably the greatest economic challenge, in known economic history. At Protium we have set ourselves the ambition to decarbonise one million tonnes of CO2 a year by 2030, and our Magor Project with Budweiser is a key step towards making this a reality.”

Erik Novaes, Vice President of Procurement and Sustainability Europe at Anheuser-Busch InBev, said:

“As the world’s largest brewer, we’re committed to driving change for a better world – not just within our breweries but within our entire supply chain and the broader communities we live and work in.

“What some people miss is that what’s best for the planet is also what’s best for business. Hydrogen will play a crucial role in the transition to decarbonise the global economy, which is why we’re pleased to be working with Protium on a project that will be the first green hydrogen supply to a brewery.”

Protium will celebrate their partnership with AB InBev’s Magor Brewery in South Wales next year with local communities, an event that will mark another milestone in the development of the project. To read more about the Magor Hydrogen Project please see here

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