Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024

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On International Women’s Day, we are proud to celebrate the talented and committed women across our business, suppliers and partners who make a difference in the green energy sector.

The event brings together the UN system, Member States, civil society organisations, youth groups and others to emphasize the critical actions required to bridge gender gaps, highlight the urgent need for strategic investment in gender equality and women’s empowerment, and showcase and celebrate key successes and best practices.

Meet some of our team below whose work is helping to drive the energy transition.

Alyssa Howell

Alyssa is Protium’s Head of People and Culture, where she has been instrumental in shaping a workplace environment that fosters growth, productivity, and innovation. Her focus is on ensuring that the team feel supported in their personal and professional development, and keeping them engaged and motivated on Protium’s path forward.

With an initial career in the publishing industry and other sectors, Alyssa’s consciousness about the climate motivated her move to Protium, seeking to make a difference in the transition to green energy. As one of Protium’s first employees, joining in 2020, Alyssa has enjoyed the challenge of taking on a variety of roles, significantly contributing to the company’s external presence and supporting its growth over the past four years.

Alyssa believes that every day is a learning day and is driven to make a difference, whether through developing employee-centric policies or through mentoring her colleagues to support them in better decision-making and life choices. She enjoys the challenges that come with navigating and complying with employment law and is studying for her CIPD Level 7.

Eliza Hamer

Eliza is Protium’s Stakeholder Associate, supporting the Projects team and has been with the company for three years. Her role is instrumental in ensuring that Protium’s initiatives are not only sustainable but also yield social-economic value,  environmental advantages, and economic growth.

She is a staunch advocate for comprehensive approach to changing how we use energy, aiming to tackle climate change, restore natural ecosystems, and improve the wellbeing and strength of people, communities, and the society in general.

Coming from a background in sustainability and anthropology, Eliza is deeply committed to fighting climate change and addressing social and environmental issues. She’s passionate about working closely with communities to make meaningful changes. By focusing on a community-led approach to reaching net-zero emissions, Eliza aims to initiate and lead change from the bottom up.

Kim McCracken

As the Head of Business Development at Protium, Kim plays a pivotal role in building a pipeline of work that aligns  with our business strategy. She supports current and prospective clients in decarbonising their heat and transport needs while their businesses can continue to grow, thrive and progress towards net zero targets.

Kim ventured into the field of hydrogen and renewables back in 2016. Keen to shift her then-employer’s focus towards renewable energy or other low-emission technologies, she persuaded the company to apply for grant funding for a hydrogen project. Despite the lack of corporate backing, she undertook this in her own time, with an understanding that the project would proceed if the funding was granted. To her surprise, the project received funding and was successfully carried out – one of the first hydrogen projects in the UK. Eight years on, the director whom she convinced now works in the hydrogen sector, and the company now boasts a hydrogen division.

Said Kim “I think we are experiencing a very exciting and crucial time in our energy system. Many of the sectors we work in have never used anything other than fossil fuel so we have a chance to make real, tangible impact.”#

Her passion for renewable energy began in her childhood, sparked by discussions about wind farms with her father and a desire to combat climate change. The 8-year old Kim would be inspired by the achievements of her adult self and the transformative era she is part of today.

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